Announcement/Field Day – Blueberry Pruning

February 27, 2024 time: 11:00 – BerryKode in Maxhunaj, Vushtrri

The National Association “Raspberry of Kosovo”, in cooperation with the blueberry orchard “BerryKode” in Maxhunaj, Vushtrri, and with #support of GIZ, through the “Entrepreneurship Promotion” project, organize the field day for cranberry pruning. Demonstrations of pruning in cultivars and different cultivation methods will be led by the world-renowned Dutch expert Rob Derikx from the Terra Bonum company. The field day is held on February 27, 2024 (Tuesday) from 11:00 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. in the orchard of the “BerryKode” company in Maxhunaj, Vushtrri (near KFOR). (

BerryKode, established in 2015, has 5 ha planted with blueberries, using two forms of cultivation in soil and in pots. The orchard has installed anti-hail system, modern irrigation and fertilization system, storage rooms, and modern agricultural mechanization. So, it is one of the most complete orchards, with the potential to reach 20 t/ha in the near future. Therefore, students, agronomists, donors, blueberry farmers, and lovers of agriculture are welcome on this important blueberry day, to expand the knowledge about blueberry and to see closely the development of the blueberry sector in Kosovo, which does not differs nothing from the most developed countries in the world in this sector.


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