Association “Mjedra e Kosovës” organized field day for bluberry pruning: High interest in the blueberry sector in Kosovo

The National Association “Mjedra e Kosovës” in cooperation with the orchard “Berry Kode” and financed by GIZ through the project “Promotion of Entrepreneurship” has organized the field day for pruning blueberries, in Maxhunaj, Vushtrri, at the “Berry Kode” orchard with an area of 5 ha.

Blueberries in Kosovo as a commercial sector have started to develop since 2012. The blueberry sector plays an important role in the economy of Kosovo in terms of production, export, employment and rural development. Currently, 150 ha are cultivated, domestic turnover and export reach over 1.5 million euros, while the number of seasonal workers is over 1000. The climatic conditions in Kosovo are suitable for blueberry production, with the advantage of early production in June, when Western Europe does not have enough production. This gives us a unique opportunity to be an important blueberry supplier for Western Europe.

Pruning as a process is an important event in the calendar of blueberry farmers and not only. The purpose of organizing this event is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge to blueberry farmers, to learn and improve the art of pruning, which is essential for the health, productivity and longevity of this fruit. Also, this process affects the long-term sustainability of the orchards.

The deputy minister of agriculture, Mr. Imri Demelezi was also present for a word. The co-owner of the orchard, Mr. Arif Kastrati, with the work he has done in his orchard, has managed to change many approaches to the positive development of the blueberry sector in Kosovo.

After the introductory speeches, Dr. Kujtim Lepaja gave a professional presentation on blueberry pruning, followed by a hands-on demonstration by Rob Derix. Over 150 participants, including farmers, industry experts and agricultural students, gathered to participate in this important event for the blueberry industry in the country. Participants had the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning experiences, including live demonstrations. Part of the demonstrations was also Verina Krasniqi, a young agronomist who leads the advisory department in the association “Mjedra e Kosovës” and with 5 years of experience in managing blueberry orchards, and Kremtim Kabashi from the BerryK orchard, Gurrakoc, Istog, who, in addition to their knowledge, also showed pruning skills.

It should be noted that a significant number of students from the Faculty of Agriculture were part of the field day; their presence proved once again the dedication of the national association “Mjedra e Kosovës” for the inclusion and empowerment of young people in the activities that we organize and to give them the opportunity to be as close as possible to the trends of the blueberry sector in the world.

The high number of attendees and their interest motivate the national association “Mjedra e Kosovës” to continue such activities and innovative initiatives to increase the benefits within the industry, thus promoting the employment of rural communities and the development of agricultural economies.

The field day was covered by various media and was live on the social media of the Association “Mjedrat ne Kosove” and “Boronica ne Kosove”. Those who have not followed this very important day can follow it at this link

Lindita Ibishi, Secretary General of the “Mjedra e Kosovës”

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