Association services

Department of Advisory Services

Our experienced agricultural experts offer personalized advisory services to farmers. This includes guidance on best farming practices, crop management, pest control, and sustainable berry fruits methods. Our aim is to enhance productivity and ensure the long-term success of farming operations.

Trainings and workshops

We organize training sessions and workshops to equip farmers with the latest knowledge and skills. These sessions cover diverse topics, including modern farming techniques, sustainable practices, and technology adoption. Continuous learning is key to staying competitive in the berry sector.

Market Access Assistance

Facilitating market access is a core component of our services. We work to connect farmers/collection centers with potential buyers, both locally and internationally. Through networking initiatives, market research, and collaboration with industry stakeholders, we strive to create opportunities for farmers/collection centers to showcase and sell their produce.

Advocacy and Representation

We advocate for the interests of farmers at local, regional, and national levels. Through engagement with government bodies and relevant stakeholders, we work to address policy issues, secure resources, and create an enabling environment for the berry sector community.

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