Kosovo soft fruits on the way to the Greek market: A success at the “Food Expo” fair in Athens

By participating in various food fairs in Europe, soft fruits cultivated in Kosovo constantly make their presence at a very high level. During these days, one of the most important food fairs in southern Europe was held in Athens, Greece, “Food Expo,” where the member of the association “Mjedra e Kosovës”, the collection center “Eurofruti” from Pristina, presented the soft fruits that are cultivated in our country, respectively, the new brand Minus Zero.

The Greek market is important for our industry, considering our geographical proximity and high market demands.

During these days of the fair, many companies, wholesalers, and retail distributors of food sectors from Greece and other European countries, have visited the “Eurofruit” stand at this fair. The expected results from this appearance at the fair are expected to have quick effects, bringing raspberry and other soft fruits to the Greek market.

Since this year, the value of raspberries produced in Kosovo has increased by being packaged for final consumption, turning it into a product ready to be consumed by the consumer, and very attractive for European markets. Until last year, the raspberries cultivated in our country were exported as raw material to Europe, where they were repackaged and sold on the market by European buyers.

The fair was also visited by the ambassador of Kosovo in Greece, Mr. Fitim Gllareva, who has shown an extraordinary commitment in establishing contacts and supporting Kosovar companies to enter the Greek market. He has stayed for a period of time at this fair, offering maximum support to companies in establishing new contacts. Also, in the offices of the Kosovo embassy in Athens, representatives of the “Mjedra e Kosovës” association, the “Agrodev” foundation, and the “NutriFruit” company from Gjilan were warmly received by the ambassador to discuss the potential and possibility that as many companies and products from Kosovo will be present in this market.

Naim Krasniqi (Agrodev), Fitim Gllareva (Ambassador of Kosovo in Greece), and Kujtim Lepaja (Raspberry of Kosovo)

Participation in the fair is proving to be very important. Now the members of the “Mjedra e Kosovës” association have also changed the way they represent themselves at the fair, dedicating themselves to their commercial profiles, to be independent, and to be able to not only present their products, but also our country in a proper and professional manner, as is the case of the collection center “Euforuti” from Pristina.

Kujtim Lepaja – Mjedra e Kosovës

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